Convenience-Shop CONSULTING

The ideal composition and management of product groups is a key factor in the success of convenience shops.

The average time spent in petrol stations, for example, is just two minutes and 77 per cent of visitors go straight to the cash register when inside (gdp Forschungsgruppe – 2014 petrol station study).

The central fixture for the customer is the cash register area – it’s the place with the highest impulse-buy impact and where the majority of the two minutes in the petrol station are spent. Here are the key findings for cash register merchandising in petrol stations:



  1. Use impulse buy effects
    Chewing gum and sweets have a strong impulse buy effect and achieve the highest sales when on the upper shelves of the cash register counter
  2. Place product groups together
    All product groups should be placed together in blocks to aid in shopper orientation
  3. Consider buying behaviour
    Goods should be sorted by purpose and packaging format to increase impulse buys
  4. Don’t stack too high
    Avoid counter stands in customers’ fields of vision Chewing gum product displays are often too high up. Optimise by integrating chewing gum display bases into the counter merchandising.
  5. Less is more
    Turn more customers into buyers with a balanced selection. Only stock the top items in each range.